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Bring on the Cake!

 Homemade Potato Soup -check.
Yummy Pumpkin Cupcakes,
made a good recipe better -check.
Icing/Piping bag- check. A mess (lesson learned) -check.
A Cupcake so beautiful it needs it's portrait done -CHECK.
Family get togethers -Priceless.

©The World Is My Studio

On Sunday my family got together for my Mom's birthday.
It's not often when we can all be together,
so I treasure these times.
We also had hors d'oeuvres, salad and chocolate cake.
My nieces made cake and cupcakes as a surprise.
There was more "cake" than anything else.
It was fun!


Veteran's Day

Thank You to all who are serving and have served in the United States Military!


Monday Muse # 7

image - muse

I love this website: UncommonGoods
They have some really unique things.
I picked out some items I like while looking through it.
They would make great gifts.
A. Idea Cards for Family Time,
My Time and Date Night
B. Bonsai Forest
C. Lunch Box
D. Tasting Plate
E. Buddha Bowl
F. Wine Bottle Tea Light
G. Retired Wine Barrel Swing


Gift-away winner!

Thank you all so much for entering the gift-away
and sharing your stories with me.
I hope you stick around and visit to see
what's new with The World Is My Studio.
The winner is Kara!

Congratulations Kara!
©The World Is My Studio


Monday Muse # 6

image - muse

For your muse: some heartfelt advice.
"Don't wait until the elephant in the room sits on you
before you acknowledge it."
photo by: WildLifePrints


Life in quotes.

Life is a song - sing it.
 Life is a game - play it.
Life is a challenge - meet it.
Life is a dream - realize it.
Life is a sacrifice - offer it.
Life is love - enjoy it.
sai baba

photo by © The World Is My Studio


Meet Molly!

I'd like to introduce a new addition to the family.
Molly is a shelter dog that we adopted a few weeks ago.
She likes to play and hides her toys for safe keeping.
Her favorite person is my Mother, can't blame her there. :) 
She is adjusting well and has made herself right at home.
All the furbabies are trying their best
to adjust to the transition
and hopefully soon they will all be great friends. 
Here are some photos of her before
and after going to the groomers.

               and After.                
Welcome Home Molly!


Monday Muse # 5

image - muse

I recently bought myself an espresso machine
so that I can make my own lattes and cappuccinos.
I'm starting to get the hang of it!
I was so proud of my Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino,
I had to photograph it!

©The World Is My Studio
©The World Is My Studio

Have a great Monday and may you find something
Yummy to make you smile! :)


What's your story? "What I did on my Summer vacation". And, drumroll...a giveaway!

My I've missed you! It's been months since I've written ... I really didn't want to be away so long. "What I did on my Summer vacation" ? - house / garden / pet sit for my brother. And house / pet sit for my parents. Back and forth... 2 different states. I helped out my sister a bit with her daycare kids when I was "around". "Something" had to be put on blog. And maybe a little bit of my sanity. *shrugs my shoulders*

2 houses, a big garden, countless plants ( I lost count actually.) 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bird and fishies.
The chaos... the woodchuck attack (May you rest in peace. I tried to save you.), the maggot incident, the house alarm going off at 2am, the phone issues, computer issues, the heat wave, the angel who sent over an airconditioner, the time I got to spend with my nieces, the wine buying excursions, the MUCH needed day in NYC for my birthday with my brother and his girlfriend and a brand spankin' new camera lens.

It's the one-ish year anniversary of my blog debut!
You know what I was doing a year ago? House sitting. yep. Pet sitting, uhhuh.
 That's me. Awesome. :)

My awesome companions made it worth it.
You know who else is awesome? You.
My lovelies, it's giveaway time...
 I rather like "gift-away" time instead.

 This 8 x 12 photograph from the "Untold Stories" series

-Here's the deal. In a comment:
Tell me a little bit about your Summer.

-For another entry:
Tell me your 3 top picks in my photography shop.

-For a third entry:
Spread the word about this "gift-away" with a link to it.

Please make sure there is a way for me to contact you
in each comment that you give. Up to 3 entries per person.
The gift-away ends Monday, November 1, 1pm EST

I will announce the winner, chosen by an online number generator, Tuesday, November 2.

~ All photos:  ©The World Is My Studio


Dad, Bobo

My Dad has the best laugh. He is the strong silent type.
I never know what to buy for him, ever.
He is in Utah right now, with my Mom and friends.
When they drove away on their journey... all I could picture
 was a covered wagon headed west with a "wagon train".
Maybe he was a cowboy in another life.
Who am I kidding, he's a cowboy in this life..
with a better hat and his own vocabulary.
I love you Dad!
©The World Is My Studio

Queue the crickets!

It's been awhile since I've written...
I could even hear the crickets.
 Well.. I do hear 'em anyway, in the country. ;)
 I'm house sitting, pet sitting
and I have computer issues and I
.... I will get back to you!


Monday Muse # 4

image - muse
Do you have alot on your mind except the kitchen sink?
I do too....
I never did get my Sundae on Sunday either...sigh.

photo by: Carey Primeau
Wait... where did I put that sink anyway?
Yep- it's Monday! I love Monday's!
I think one reason why I like them IS because
it's a start of a new week. Another day- another chance.
It's a new day! Please don't wish it away!

photo by: ©The World Is My Studio


A Sundae on a sunny Sunday...

A Sundae on a sunny Sunday sounds good to me!
What are your Sundays like?
And how do you like your Sundaes?
Talk amongst yourselves while I get another napkin.
Heavy on the hot fudge and all.

     Oh no... catch it before it tips over!
Leaning Tower of Sundae!
My lovelies, should I devote every Sunday to Sundaes?
Grab a spoon and tell me what you think!


awesome art - love

A place for fairytales, games of hide and seek,
woodland creatures, and where childhood reigns.

Head on over to Kate and Oli
for a fabulous giveaway!

My favorites:

"Pray the anchor stays heavy, my child......"

"My Captain... We've reached the end of the world"


pencil - love

I use pens alot...but sometimes what you need is a pencil!
Now- these pencils are wicked cool!

You can get these at Earmark.
Check their shop for more pencils,
journals, banners and more.
The couple who run Earmark are from Massachusetts.
I went to college there... and I love it.


Monday Muse # 3

image - muse

Spent the weekend in NY "camping"
at my brother's place, just 9 of us.
It was great spending time with everyone.

A few things that make me happy on this Monday:

I got 50 business cards from for $6.
You can see my photos on
I'm happy about all the lovely comments about my photos on
And re-calling my favorite moments of the weekend:
Having conversations with two of my nieces
+ answering questions- I love that
they know they can come to me for stuff like that.
Being told- I was thoughtful and that I'd make a good Mom. ♥
Learning that us girls, do not sweat.
We sparkle. :)
And watching 'Avatar' again.

What are you thinking about today?
What makes you happy?


Giveaway time!

Photo Giveaway! The lovely Kelsey of
 is hosting a giveaway for yours truly. Head on over to her blog and see what's going on! You could win a matted photograph from "The World Is My Studio"
Good luck!



Hunter, Hunter-baby, Fluffy, Kitteh'

This is my parents cat.
He is a total country boy!
 Unfortunately for the nearby wild life,
he really lives up to his name, Hunter.
Words have power.
So, if you don't want your furry friend to be a devil,
don't name him "Devil".
When he first came into our lives,
I suggested we call him, "Fluffy".
Only sarcastically though!
I do call him that sometimes.

I say, he's got a split personality.
A sweet - angelic - Fluffy and
a ferocious - force - to be reckoned with - Hunter.
Occassionally, I have nightmares that he eats my birdy.
Complete, with me calling out in my sleep.
Lastnight, I dreamt he had something in his throat
but when I released it, it was a tube of conditioner. Strange.
He could use some. His fur gets matted.
He's not the cuddly kind but he does sleep on my bed.
He loves taking walks with me. I think that's pretty cool!

photographs by ©The World Is My Studio


Monday Muse # 2

image - muse
Today was a long day.
 I still love Monday's though!
The company was good, :) Mom.
This cheered me up some too!
 Tall, Soy, Cinnamon Dolce', no whip = heaven in a cup (even in a to-go cup)

I've been looking for a cool scarf.. today I found this:

I was daydreaming about this:
Somebody please make me some! Pretty please!

lots more images and recipes - found here

What cheers you up?


Mom, Momasita, Mon mere', Judy

 My Mom is the most influential person in my life.
I'm proud to be her daughter!
Saying "Thank You Mom" for all you've done for me,
gone through with me, sharing good and bad,
doesn't really seem like much. Merely words.
But I mean them from the bottom of my big heart!

©The World Is My Studio


If you are gonna dream, dream big.

Maybe a big balloon will carry me away...

"How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl... year after year. Running over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears. Wish you were here." Pink Floyd

What are you day-dreaming of?


Monday Muse

image - muse

I love Monday's!
*ducks down incase of incoming shoes*
 They get a bad rap! I don't have a stressful job that will bring me down though in my favor. There really isn't much to do around here on the weekends anyway.. so Monday brings a natural routine rhythm. One I like, as opposed to a dreaded work week. Maybe "Monday Muse" will bring a smile to your face and your day won't be so blue.
Pass the coffee, please!
This photograph is awesome! Find it here.

I love this! *note to self- Get an iPod!

And maybe you need this song in your head, cause it's been stuck in mine!


Barefoot Books

  Barefoot Books is a children's book publishing company where you can get amazing books. Your child can learn about different cultures, the earth, even Da Vinci and so much more. Truly great story telling and beautifully illustrated books that will certainly capture your child's attention and encourage their imagination. There's some I want for myself! :) I was lucky enough to win this awesome Yoga card deck by participating in a little competition they had on twitter. I know some kiddos that will be happy to try them and I'm looking forward to using them too! Check out their sites! : @liveBarefoot


"You must allow me to tell you..."

I often feel like a Jane Austen character,
lost between the layers of time.
"Pride and Prejudice" is my favorite of hers.
I do have to admit, when I saw
"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" in the bookstore...
I thought.. well, I thought,
 "Oh Jesus. What have they done to your novel Jane?"
Interestingly enough I have heard good reviews.
So, I decided not to judge this book by it's cover.
 Although I am not a Zombie fan,
I'll have to read it myself.
Of course, while sipping something hot from my new mug!
 (keeping fingers crossed!)
An awesome giveaway!
Here is the link. While there check out
olivebites blog!
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