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  So, my friends and I went to see "Avatar" a couple weeks ago. I hadn't paid much attention to the previews or all the Oscar buzz. It wasn't a rock per se, that I've been living under. But.... anyway, it was amazing! I bet it was better because I had no idea what to expect. It truly is an amazing movie! Go watch it, if you haven't already. Preferably in 3D too. I especially like the parallel theme similar to what "we" did to the Native Americans. Except this time, they win. :)  Did anyone else catch that?  

How many blizzards does it take?

In my opinion, just one.
The N.E. is getting blasted by snow and wind.
Hold on my lovelies and stay warm and safe!


  I wish days were longer. Yes, I think I could just hear a multitude of cringes from you all. I wish I was a morning person. I've tried, I'm just not. The light is awesome in the early hours too. And I'm all for a front row seat of the sunrise. Logistics DO play a factor in this though. It's easier to get up early if you're in a favorite place.

photo by ©The World Is My Studio


Florida, finally! (back log)

I spent a couple days with family before meeting up with friends, whom I will be spending awhile with. The weather is cool here for this time of year, however I don't mind too much. It's dreary at home. I'll take cool temperatures over freezing temperatures any day!


A walk and a feather... Notes from the road. (back log)

 Hello Georgia! I'm so glad to see you! Stopping for the night, south of Savannah. Heat, running water and pizza delivery! This campground is really nice!  Our site is right on the river. Ducks, geese and swans greet me. And lots of beautiful birds gracing the tree tops. This little one keeps an eye on me following along the water's edge when I walk. All the while striking poses.  

photo by ©The World Is My Studio

Notes from the road. (back log)

 "Toto, We're not in Kansas anymore!" We aren't in Pennsylvania either. Drove through the Carolina's. Stopping at a campground for the night. It is basically deserted. I haven't been this cold in a long time and I live in the N.E. !
   So... we are taking a rest for the night and didn't bother to hook up everything. Which means we are roughing it.  No inspiration here. I did manage to knock over a bunch of brochures in the main office, unknowingly of course, getting a kick out of the reaction of the people who saw it. I'm turning in early....Dreaming of sunshine and Starbucks.
 Leaving early in the a.m. but making a stop that doesn't entail a gas station or a diner. To cushion the boredom blow.. I bought 3 new books for $3 each at J.R.'s!! Incredible! If you're ever in North Carolina check out J.R.'s.They have everything from cigars, perfume, bedding to books, etc. All very reasonably priced. ♥
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