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Hunter, Hunter-baby, Fluffy, Kitteh'

This is my parents cat.
He is a total country boy!
 Unfortunately for the nearby wild life,
he really lives up to his name, Hunter.
Words have power.
So, if you don't want your furry friend to be a devil,
don't name him "Devil".
When he first came into our lives,
I suggested we call him, "Fluffy".
Only sarcastically though!
I do call him that sometimes.

I say, he's got a split personality.
A sweet - angelic - Fluffy and
a ferocious - force - to be reckoned with - Hunter.
Occassionally, I have nightmares that he eats my birdy.
Complete, with me calling out in my sleep.
Lastnight, I dreamt he had something in his throat
but when I released it, it was a tube of conditioner. Strange.
He could use some. His fur gets matted.
He's not the cuddly kind but he does sleep on my bed.
He loves taking walks with me. I think that's pretty cool!

photographs by ©The World Is My Studio

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