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Goodbye Betty Suarez...

  Lastnight was the series finale of "Ugly Betty". I'm so sad to see these characters go. This show was fun and the characters were memorable. Crazy, ruthless, wacky, and loving. Betty took on MODE and the fashion world, where she didn't fit in and conquered it. Wilhelmina said "I never thought I'd say this, but you've got big balls, Betty Suarez." I love the way they wrapped up Daniel and Betty's storyline especially. They didn't throw them together romantically. That wouldn't have been realistic. But the "possibilty" of them as a couple IS there. And they will always have a great bond no matter what. They wouldn't be where they are without each other and they know it. How great would it be if Daniel ended up working as Betty's assistant? He went to London for her and wants a new start in life. He did say maybe he'd submit his resume. I will miss all the characters, most of all Betty. The kind of girl you want in your corner. Have fun in London Betty!

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