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Next stop: home.

  My adventure has been a good one. It hasn't been as carefree as I was hoping. But then again, that isn't easy to achieve when you are staying with people who lead very stressfull lives. But I've had fun along the way. :)There is no other comfort than the comfort of "home". It's time.. I need to go home. It's where I'll be in a couple days. It has been great spending time with friends and family. It's important. I know for me- that will never be a regret. I spend time with people I love. My body is tired and the pain levels haven't decreased. I needed to get away and now I need to get back. I've never spent this long of a period of time away from home other than college. I can't wait to work on new projects. My creativity has been rejuvenated! And I've got ideas for new "stuff"!! I'm looking forward to working on them! I'll be sure to update you all, my lovelies! I'm looking forward to studying again too, continuing on my life's purpose. 

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