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I don't have my "game face" on.

  I didn't realize just how often people think I'm always in a good mood. I always appear calm and in good spirits. I've also been told I have a very expressive face. So... I don't get it. Even when I am depressed someone will make a comment how happy I am. In seriousness. I suppose it may be due to the fact that I look inward for solace. I need physical comfort of course. But I do look to God for solace. I don't need to go far because He's in here .
  It's cold and raining and I have alot of pain in my body right now. And..... I could be in Paris right now.
Yes.. Paris. If you know me well, you know it's at the top of my "Want" list. It was hard to tell myself no. But I did because I knew it just wasn't the right time. I am sad about it though. I've decided not to dwell on it and make sure that in the very near future- it WILL be the right time. Till we meet again Paris.

photo by ©The World Is My Studio

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