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I think I freaked out very gracefully.

I've had alot on my mind lately. Some very justified concerns. Yesterday, I had an appt. One I was really dreading. If you know me at all you'd understand why these things make me nervous. All in all, it went really well. But not before an assistant scared the hell out me, by telling me the worst case scenario was a very good possibilty! I wonder if he could see my heart sink in my eyes. I tried to keep a straight face when I said, "ok." and nodded. He left the room. I closed my eyes and summoned five angels before looking to a loved one sitting next to me. It was a very long 5 minutes I might add before my Dr. walked in! I was very quietly freaking out. His view was a bit different. When it was time to go I nodded in understanding of what is required of me next. As the Dr. walked out he turned back and put his hand on my shoulder and smiled. A sweet gesture. Maybe I didn't have a good poker face like I thought.

Moral of the story.. it's a very good idea to get ALL the facts before giving someone dire news.

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