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Letter to a friend.

.........I write better than I speak sometimes.
   I've been in a funk since I've been home. Understandably, when you consider I still have alot of pain going on in my body. I just thought I'd feel better once I got back into my room with my things. I feel a bit disoriented. Kinda like.. "What am I doing?" The other day I could not for anything remember what day it was? Friday? Monday? Oh wait, Wednesday. All I want to do is sleep and read strangers blogs. Maybe after the rest of my family come home I will feel better? Maybe after the list of appts. and such I have scheduled in April, including an MRI that I'm really nervous about, I will feel better? I feel like I've been in battle. And I don't know which side is winning. I can do this.
  My brother called  me 2x this week to ask when I'm coming back?! The kids say they need me and miss me alot. Angels have been the reason that I am still "sane". It's the daily duties, like doing a load of laundry or dishes that make me feel human. It's anything creative that I'm doing with my photography or writing that makes me feel alive. I have high hopes and a weakened body. Also a greater sense of self-worth, believe it or not. ♥

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