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So... I packed a suitcase and left town. Sounds so spontaneous doesn't it? I hitched a ride with family. First stop, Gettysburg, Pa. If you've never been there, I recommend it. It's a great town, full of history. So much so, that you can feel it. Well, I do anyway. It's a place where interesting things can happen and do. After all, it is the most haunted town in America. We didn't stay long. Long enough to have dinner with family, relax and get a little sleep. I did manage to find my Uncle's stash of Guiness and his cd collection. I snagged a copy of ABBA! That made me happy.
To be continued....

photo by ©The World Is My Studio

p.s. I was glad to see that Extreme Home Makeover mentioned Soles 4 Souls, the organization I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. :)
p.s.s I chopped my bangs, regrettably.
p.s.s.s. Remind me to tell you about my trip to see "Mamma Mia" on Broadway. :)
p.s.s.s.s. Ignore the date on post. It has to go on paper and then online when access is available.

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