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Monday Muse # 3

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Spent the weekend in NY "camping"
at my brother's place, just 9 of us.
It was great spending time with everyone.

A few things that make me happy on this Monday:

I got 50 business cards from for $6.
You can see my photos on
I'm happy about all the lovely comments about my photos on
And re-calling my favorite moments of the weekend:
Having conversations with two of my nieces
+ answering questions- I love that
they know they can come to me for stuff like that.
Being told- I was thoughtful and that I'd make a good Mom. ♥
Learning that us girls, do not sweat.
We sparkle. :)
And watching 'Avatar' again.

What are you thinking about today?
What makes you happy?


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I'm always happy when my cat is curled up beside me and I have a good book in hand.

  2. Cats make everything better! ♥ And having a quiet house and a good book to read is awesome.

  3. Sparkle instead of sweat... I like that! A lot!

    I enjoyed peeking around at your blog today.

  4. Thank you snowcatcher, I hope you come back and peek some more! :)


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