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The Lovely Blogger List

Lovely Clusters is a wonderful site created by Rachel.
She has put together The Lovely Blogger List,
so blog writers have a way to network.
I see posts like this popping up on familiar blogs and
thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I am a photographer, writer, free spirit
and a humbled optimist.
The world is my studio and my inspiration.
Art as with beauty is subjective but it is always full of soul.
I started writing this blog to make myself accountable
for writing on a regular basis, a way station for musings
and a place to share a bit of my life
and the way I see things with all of you.
Grab a latte, camera, or whatever you like to
bring along on a journey and wander with me.
♥ Christy
The World Is My Studio
- a shop full of photography of life worth living.
way station - a stop along a journey

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